Escaping Auckland for 3 days

The Hokianga is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets.  Colonial New Zealand, Maori Culture, scenery, ancient forests and surprises around every other corner, it isn’t always the destination but the journey. I have travelled this road numerous times and every time I discover new sights. It is a bonus to end up  in the Bay of Islands.

Recently I took an American photographer on a three day roadie north – she was not disappointed. This is a photographic  journey; enjoy. Continue reading


The pakeha and the Maori

This is an article by Secundus under the heading The pakeha and the Maori and the sub heading “MEDICAL FILE …a doctor remembers.” It appeared in the Palmerston North newspaper in the  seventies. On the reverse are advertisements for Ford 1977Toyota Carona’s $7500.00as new 22,000 k’s. So this helps date the article. Note Maori has a capital M but pakeha did not. Continue reading

How rural women make it happen!


I love the small things in communities that no one much knows about out in the big world. This is tribute to my late mother  – Patricia Jeanette Rowley.

The West Otago Provincial Executive of Womens Division of Federated Farmers is quite a mouthful. My mother served the WDFF Otago (we think) as President as well as being the President of the Roxburgh Branch. Later on she was elected to the Dominion Council and travelled to Wellington for regular meetings. She contributed greatly to the work of this organisation in spheres such as Health, Education and Law as it affected rural women.

She was a woman before her time and she was forward thinking.”The Rowley Brooch” competition was instigated by my mother Pat Rowley in 1972. Continue reading