Lynn Clayton is my name  and my American grandchildren call me Kiwigran which has now spread to many others calling me Kiwigran. Why not? I live in Auckland and travel regularly so I consider myself very fortunate. I am a passionate photographer, I put family and friends first and making the most of every day.  My website www.lynnclaytonphotography.com has more info on my escapades, awards and so forth.

I have started a blog to share with friends. I aim to share a few great photographers work, my own [ great !] work, travel tips, restaurant reviews, movie chat, and anything else I feel is topical. Eventually when I get the hang of this blogging  I will add some excitement.. or retire! If you subscribe I will be flattered, if you don’t that is OK too. Our “in” boxes are fairly full most days so I hope to become  a blog to make you smile.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lynn…….I think this is amazing and you’re now even more of an impressive woman than you were before! Well done and thank you for including me in your list of recipients. I shall read your posts with much interest and catch up on what’s already been written this weekend. Must catch up soon……perhaps next Friday if you’re available??

    Jan x

  2. Lynn. You understand my reluctence to any sort of writing. Marilyn is checking this.
    Honoured to be on your list and look forward to your coming adventures and images.

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