Guest Photographer – Mike Hollman

Mike Hollman switched careers, a brave move that has paid off.

Mike Hollman  was a Flight Service Manager with Air New Zealand at the same time doing professional photography. After too many years flying he became a full time photographer, check out his story.



This is such a good story as too many men stay in their jobs for ever despite their hearts not being in it.

It takes courage to change careers and Mike did just that over several years. We are fortunate to be the benefactors of his outstanding and unique photography these days. We often see beautiful imagery in magazines but we rarely are told who the creators are. I am proud to showcase some of Mikes’ work here.

One of the best photos I have seen in recent years of Ngauruahoe . The wisp of cloud says it all, tells the story how this mountain can be treacherous one minute and at peace the next.  Definitely an artwork one might purchase.

 imageToitū Otago Settlers Museum, Dunedin.

I asked Mike was their a catalystic  moment when he decided to become a photographer?

“There was no real catalyst or special event that made me change.  My photography was going from strength to strength and I was following a five year plan that enabled me to switch to full time photography.  There was no problem financially and the opportunities are greater now than ever.”

Who inspired you back in those days?

“There were lots of photographers who inspired me, but it was a book that was really an early influence. The title was “Focus on New Zealand’.  It was a collection of landscape and travel images shot by more than 160 NZ and international photographers, including Brian Brake and Ernst Haas.  It was an incentive to get out and capture some great images.”353046427

And one more question – What is your advise to people wanting to collect fine art photography by NZ Artists/Photographers?

“Fine art photography is still quite a small part of the art scene in NZ. It depends if people are collecting for investment or for work they have a connection with and want to hang on their wall. I’m not sure many New Zealanders would be paying 6.5 million dollars for a Peter Lik* print, but there’s certainly a lot of great NZ fine art photography available at very reasonable prices. ”

*(See also my blog on world photographic auction prices)

imageTokyo Rail
Faces from ChinaimageThe Forbidden City –  Beijing  (one of my favourites)


Pudong Airport in Shanghai

Mike has an enviable list of credits to his name and his photographs speak volumes about why he is one of New Zealand’s most successful photographers. Currently a commercial photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in:Travel and landscape photography.

♦Travel Photography

♦Architectural photography

♦Hotel & Resort Photography

Mike has  travelled extensively around the world for photography assignments, projects and to capture the beauty of the landscape, nature, architecture, culture and people.

Mike currently claims some prestigious awards:

NZIPP Travel Photographer of the Year 2014
NZIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year 2014
Nikon Ambassador NZ

imageFinally Lake Wakitipu looking towards Glenorchy. 

Thankyou Mike for sharing your work., blog readers feel free to comment on the work, which is your favourite?


2 thoughts on “Guest Photographer – Mike Hollman

  1. Hmmm… Intriguing question. I probably responded on a more emotional recognition level with the two NZ landscape photographs but the one i kept going back to was the Tokyo rail photograph. The colour, movement and difference were very attractive to me.

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