The pakeha and the Maori

This is an article by Secundus under the heading The pakeha and the Maori and the sub heading “MEDICAL FILE …a doctor remembers.” It appeared in the Palmerston North newspaper in the  seventies. On the reverse are advertisements for Ford 1977Toyota Carona’s $7500.00as new 22,000 k’s. So this helps date the article. Note Maori has a capital M but pakeha did not.


pnorth a copy

The Bella Vista was the leading restaurant in the Bay of Islands in the seventies. Read on, this is a delightfully written piece.

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dear god


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pnorth doc



I know this was difficult to read but I think the story was well worth repeating. Your thoughts most welcome on this newspaper cutting from around the mid seventies. This cutting fell out of an old scrap book my mother owned, my Mother lived in Paihia for 30 years or so and I suspect the GP who wrote it was a family friend, ( Palmerston North GP) but I won’t name him in case I am wrong!





7 thoughts on “The pakeha and the Maori

  1. Thumbs up Lynn. . Absolutely resonates with so much of our own experience. “Common ” remains a defining term today! Thank you for sharing.

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