Restaurants so often get the small things wrong :(


10 tips for  restaurants/cafes.


Why do restaurants serve rock hard butter with fresh soft bread?? It’s impossible to spread so starts the meal on the wrong foot. Iced butter is the worst!


Why do some restaurants have loud throbbing music at dinner hour when the age group of their customers is 65 plus on average – people our age like to talk to each other!


Restaurants that ask for your credit card! Banks tell us never to part with our credit cards as these days a waiter can so easily photograph the number on their cell phone and have a shopping spree!


Restaurants that forget about you after the main course – like you are invisible –


Restaurants that charge  $16.00 a glass of wine not even 1/3 full!  Come on be reasonable! Err on the side of generosity not under it.


Wait staff that are too lazy to walk around the table  to fill water glasses and rudely lean across in front of diners.


Wait staff that clear the plates from some diners before everyone has finished eating.


Cracked and broken china is also far to frequent, and un-hygenic, should we send the food back to the kitchen?


Wait staff with no periphery vision, trying to get  their attention is like hanging on the phone to speak with the IRD! Or staff that ask how the meal is when clearly you haven’t even started eating!


Good wait staff are worth their weight in gold, treat them like royalty :):)

I really  do appreciate and support restaurants with well trained staff, many Auckland restaurants train their staff to a very high standard, amongst them the Hip Group,  others don’t seem to bother with staff  training. Your thoughts and comments welcome.