Thinking… it keeps me awake!

imageA memory I enjoyed and enjoyed photographing

Thinking can be a problem it’s great when you reach a successful outcome, however it can create restless nights when the brain goes over and over ones thoughts!

I’ve been thinking…
Photography is my passion, my addiction if you like. So when I read in a magazine that photography is not about keeping memories but about ‘missed memories’ or ‘lost momentos’ I was immediately challenged. Challenged in a good way! The suggestion is that photos are missed memories because instead of taking in the site with your eyes, brain, heart etc and remembering the moment you took a photo, you actually missed the moment – the camera recorded the moment. There is a point of difference, I do get it. Do I agree with it? Well, that is my dilemma. That is what keeps me awake! This is food for thought without a doubt.

Evidently you remember less detail when looking at a photo as opposed to looking at the real thing. Now that’s a big claim. Should Linda Henkel break her findings up to iPhone happy snappers as separate from serious photographers? Or does she mean anyone taking photographs?

In a new study, psychological scientist Linda Henkel of Fairfield University, Sydney presents data showing that participants had worse memory for objects, and for specific object details, when they took photos of them. The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Quote…
“People so often whip out their cameras almost mindlessly to capture a moment, to the point that they are missing what is happening right in front of them,” says Henkel. I can accept this sometimes, however is she referring to i-phonology rather than serious photography? imageI believe I remember the exact  location in Turkey I took this, and I believe the photo reinforces what I initially saw and remember! Incidentally it is a street water mains manhole lid!! 

Her full report is

I take photos every few days, some weeks every day, I don’t enjoy it, I love it. I love to share the things I see through my lens with others, my point of view on the world around me I guess. Others enjoy seeing my imagery, well they say they do.
Photographers see the world differently from so-called  ‘normal’ people, yes I’m suggesting we are not normal. I can walk along the street with a non photographer and they see little around them. I see moments of good light, oddities, the unusual, the new graffiti post, the newly opened flower etc. we are taught to study the light, and to see, Consequently I usually know whether I’m facing North, South, East or West. My non photography friends don’t always have any idea. So am I missing the moment? Am I just recording missed memories? I just don’t know! I may need a few more nights to think on this one! Meantime I won’t stop making photos; I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

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