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Just a quick note with these two links – I am absolutely thrilled with this article about my trip to Greenland. Comments always welcome and please do share with your travel minded friends.

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Mark this date in your diary 13th June..My exhibition ICE  opens at Exhibitions Gallery, 19a Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland until 2nd July.


Good weather for reading :)

Don’t you love it when you get thoroughly engrossed in a book? This is one that excited me!! I don’t normally read thrillers however I recommend this book  to you. I don’t even like the cover much! US$5.50 on Kindle from Amazon. $25.00 rrp in New Zealand.


I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. Terry Hayes born in 1951, was born in the UK and now lives in Switzerland. This book “I am Pilgrim” is a New York best seller list favourite. This must be the ultimate accolade for many writers…or maybe a Booker prize is preferable? I am not an avid reader by any means however from page one this book held a gruesome compelling desire to flip the pages !  From the MGM website “Pilgrim” centers on the adopted son of a wealthy American family who once headed up a secret espionage unit for US intelligence.  He’s called out of retirement for an investigation and becomes caught in a race against time to save America from oblivion.”

Although this is the first novel by Terry Hayes, he has been writing screen plays etc for many years.He met director George Miller when he did the novelisation of the script to Mad Max.  (1979). He and Miller got on well and the director subsequently hired Hayes to help on the script for Mad Max 2 (1981). Hayes went on to become an in-house writer for Kennedy Miller.

His debut novel, “I am Pilgrim” was published in July 2013. That same month, MGM  acquired the film rights to the novel with Hayes attached to adapt it into a screenplay. I certainly will want to see the movie…who will they cast as the lead?  I think it could be the role Tom Cruise would love to own however I wouldn’t cast him. Maybe look at an unknown who is hungry for success?  Or our Australian actors would fit the role; Hugh Jackman maybe?


Or Chris Hemsworth with those piercing blue eyes!!. Who do you think should play Pilgrim??


Destinations Magazine is another great winter read – the current issue featured below makes one want to pack ones bags and depart the winter cold immediately.The magazine is beautifully laid out on quality paper, a classy magazine; you will not want to throw it out. Magazines should be recycled to the dentist, doctor or office waiting rooms anyway.  The photography is superb as are the articles on Tasmania, Majorca, Tokyo, Sausalito and more. The Tasmanian article has insights into epicurean delights as well as art treasures. Afterall Hobart is the home to the beautiful Mona Gallery. My only gripe with the magazine is I need to put on reading glasses as the print is quite small.


And my other favourite magazine without any advertising at all is WOMANKIND the quarterly Australian mag. Quote “Womankind magazine – a 132-page, beautifully designed, ad-free magazine for women – launched at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival in July 2014, where it was the best-selling item in the festival’s history”.

Yes it is available in New Zealand.WK5-Cover-montage-e1437972754616-609x400

This issue has a fascinating look at the life of Frida Kahlo and some stunning images by photographer Laurent Chehere.Laurent was born in France in 1972 and photographs and or creates ‘Flying Houses’ Whimsical creations to warm your heart.


My last review is my newest purchase. “abandoned planet’ from


( I couldn’t find it in NZ) Anyway this hard cover book is extraordinary. Andre Govia is a friend of mine on Flickr where he posts amazing imagery of  abandoned buildings in Europe. What a terrible waste of stunning architecture left to the ravages of nature and time.

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Andre’s work is not always legitimately obtained as they sneak in after dark  however the work is haunting, compelling, frightening and so much more. ( I doubt that is his real name either)  On one page there were marble memorial slabs, so I googled the names to discover these were long forgotten headstones of prominent aristocratic men who lived in Belgium in the late 1700’s. I had always thought of marble headstones as a permanent memorial, but maybe they are not! Theatres, hospitals, schools long abandoned but not empty, wheel chairs and hospital beds slowly rusting.  It challenges ones ideas of waste that is for sure! Check out more work here.

So on that sombre note I bid you good night as I wrestle with the final pages of I am Pilgrim. Comments most welcome.