Sydney observations.


Flying into Sydney

Flying into Sydney

SYDNEY – a regular destination these days, now that I have family living there I venture across the Tasman at any opportunity. Shopping is great and the airport have an efficient refund system if you buy anything worth more than $300.00. You can check out the details about the tourist refund scheme here!

The price of avocados and bananas are steep in their shops.. $4.95 for avocados in the Eastern suburbs! Even bread is dearer than NZ. Although it seems costs are more expensive across the Tasman it possibly all works out the same as in NZ. At the rate Miss 2 year old eats avocado and ‘nanas’ her parents better keep working!!

I went to the beach almost every day, well why not, it is a great way to entertain a 2 year old! LMC-1053-Edit
I notice different beaches have different cultures, Bondi is all about flesh and tattoos, Coogee too really, whereas Clovelly is push chairs, plastic buckets and spades, snorkelling and small people. I tried to buy an ice cream at Coogee Beach on a Thursday afternoon – ha ha, no way, but on Saturday there is an ice cream truck parked up enjoying queues of prospective ice cream lickers. Sadly the corner dairy has been replaced by very expensive ‘convenience’ stores, totally misnamed- they sell absolute rubbish!

I also noticed there are now salons to remove tattoos popping up in these beach suburbs. What does this say about the very popular fashion trend sweeping through our young beach goers? Regret obviously…and they go through repeated pain😳 initially and then more pain to remove the boyfriends name when they break up. Pain in the wallet and the flesh. All rather sad really. Ink is permanent and many teens seem to forget this. Is this a subject discussed at college these days? Perhaps it should be. LMC-1025-Edit
Anyway, I did like seeing young people greet each other often with a hug or small fist pump…good to see them showing their feelings. Generally behaviour was good and everyone was having a great and happy time, me included.