Allerton Garden Photo Tour – Kauai Island

Allerton Garden on the lush green Island of Kauai in Hawaii is a must see for any garden lover. 80 acres of lush tropical trees and flowers with surprise sculptures around many corners. The Allerton is one of 3 Botanic Gardens on Kauai. This picturesque setting has been used in a number of films and TV shows, including South Pacific, Jurassic park, Magnum PI, Starsky & Hutch and Donovan’s Reef.      


Robert Allerton,   had a lifelong passion for garden design, sculpture, and landscape architecture. His adopted son John Gregg Allerton had studied architecture at the University of Illinois in the 1920s. In 1938 they came to Hawaii and purchased a relatively small portion of Queen Emma’s plantation for a residence and gardens. Queen Emma of Hawaii resided above this valley for a short interval, and a modest house that was perhaps her residence has subsequently been moved to the valley floor and renovated. The entire valley, including what is now the adjacent McBryde Garden, was purchased by the McBryde family in the late 19th century for a sugar cane plantation. 

Below: This beautiful Italian sculpture is by L. Andreotti Firenze, 1931


Above: One of several  Moreton Bay Fig trees that featured in Jurasic Park where the children and Sam Neil hid from the dinosaurs! They now call them “Jurasic Trees”.

Below: Ginger flowers are quite exotic



Above: Diana keeps an eye on this mirror pool.


Below: Sculptural tree shapes and  Bougainvillea colour.

Above: The golden bamboo grove is impressive and contrasts beautifully with the 500 shades of greenery.




I chose the sunset tour which included a simple chicken sand salad meal on the verandah of the estate. The furnishings have a definite Oriental bent as in the boudoir with a beautiful kimono on the wall. This is the only tour that takes you into the house.LMC-06446



Above: Mr Toad resides with many more toads and a few Carp in the garden ponds.

Above: Mermaid Fountain is absolutely beautiful.




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