On being published –

It is ironic that my last blog in January started off “I might be gone for some time” ..at the time I did not  realise I wouldn’t write another blog until now!! And this one many of you may have read  somewhere in cyber space over the last few days! However  for those who have not…please enjoy. There is no real reason, new grandchild, trips to Sydney, rain, a new exhibition looming, brain fade..all of those reasons.

No one would have been more surprised than me when the Editor of a Photography Magazine I subscribe to called me last week. “Lynn he said, I’ve trawled through your Flick’r account ( 10 thousand images)) and I would like to do an article about you.” Once I picked myself up off the floor and checked my in box there they were ..about 35 images he wanted to see the high res originals!! Seriously some dated back to 2009 and all I can say is thank heaven Lightroom Library worked a treat and most of them I found that day!!

Now f 11 is a magazine full of glossy images that blow your mind they are so beautiful. This issue is no exception.New Zealand landscapes and  some amazing portraits by a Canadian photographer.Then there is me… f 11 is free and one can subscribe so as not to miss these gems.

Anyway I found the images and used Dropbox to send them in and my bio, 150 words approx. Ha Ha – The Editor came back to me; can I have the metadata please ?? By now fortunately there were 20 images max that he was looking at. Then the bombshell – can we have 2000 words about you and all within 2 days!!  This caused for some soul searching for sure. I had some sleepless nights and long days but I cracked the challenge – so it is my pleasure to share f11 with you all.

I am incredibly proud and humbled by this wonderful experience thank you Editor Tim at f 11.

f 11 is read in over 60 countries – Top 5 readership markets: Australia, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom and Canada Over 5,000 professional photographers are subscribers, who knows who will enjoy my images.

Please enjoy it here: click on this link

My website:


4 thoughts on “On being published –

  1. Wow I enjoyed that read and those photo’s are amazing Lyn, I of to get a copy of F11 today. I downloaded it but I want the mag. So nice to see you again the other day in my store:)
    Keep writing I always read your bogs. Heather.

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