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From where I am sitting in New Zealand the advent of phone photography has contributed to the understanding and appreciation of Photography as an art form. Some would disagree but I think people are realising that they can make images with their phone and that some people do it better than others. Photography as an art form is coming of age.  Galleries are happy to show photography and the public are flocking through their doors. The fact that I sold 10 fine art images at my recent exhibition in Auckland supports this statement. I know two other photographers who have sold works these past few weeks. Photography is collectible.

This year, in Auckland, the annual Festival of Photography has seen far more foot traffic through the galleries resulting in more sales.  Photographs also make wonderful wedding and birthday gifts and people are buying and collecting. The Art Fair also showed more photography than in previous years, some amazing work from Australia ( Bill Henson)  and from NZ of course. Russ Flatt   (image below left)  and Trente Parke the monochrome image below right. Trente’s images were exhibited at Two Rooms Gallery  as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography. Check out these photographers and see what they are doing differently.

FLATT images (1) tRENTE pARKE images (1)

In the future we will see less of the ‘shoot everything’ mentality to people wanting to create an image that means something. Content quality will improve and fine art photography will reign supreme.  Creative talent will still win the day. People will want one off images (or limited edition works) – images that cannot be taken tomorrow.

I am quoting here from an article in the Royal Photographic Society Journal   which says –

Humans are always going to be hungry for new, surprising, stimulating content, whether that is moving or audio or visual. That is something that is always going to be a driving force with surprising new ways of stimulating people’s senses”.  Matt Pyke Creative Director at Universal Everything. Matt Pyke says people are using their video cameras now to make 360 degree visuals and streaming them live to people not present so people are seeing events in real time.  He goes on to mention that apps in the future will help patients refocus or distract them reducing the need in some circumstances for prescription drugs such as antibiotics.

In the future images will be accompanied by sound and smell, maybe even taste! How soon I have no idea. People spend more time looking at screens than at the real world//that is a fact!

There are some amazing gismos out there already. The Narrative Clip weighs 20 grams stores 4,000 pictures and has a 2 day battery. THE NARRATIVE  this little camera looks like a brooch, seriously unobtrusive and fun.  Watch out too for this wearable camera ‘The Autographer’, these items illustrate how the camera market is changing.


People use photography as an everyday language, a form of expression.  The industry wants you to capture the emotional moments in life and the technology is making this possible.Lynn Clayton K Road haircutHalo on K Road by Lynn Clayton Photography – capturing a moment.

 Lynn Clayton Any bones on the menu

Another captured moment by Lynn Clayton on K Road Auckland.

People respond to photos but don’t always ask ‘who took that? who created this image?’ The same has happened with quotes. Who cares who said what? It is what was said that is important. I personally like quotes and I like to know who took the photographs we see.  Maybe I’m showing my age. What do you think??

Comment on my blog about your thoughts on the leaps and bounds occurring in technology.









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