Auckland Kaleidoscope – an exhibitors view.

5 sold 1Exhibiting during the Auckland Festival of Photography  – is it madness or pure pleasure? Well it is all of that and more.  Exhibiting is a roller coaster of emotions… I often wondered why I had agreed to say yes!  But I am delighted I did.

Winter Gardens SMALL copyThe Winter Gardensimg_1174-1Queen Street Auckland

Initially 6-8 months out from the exhibition date   I made the decision to have an exhibition it seemed  easy enough back then.  I also wanted a solo show, my first. So I had months to think about it and so with a flippant yes I was committed.

Then about 4 months out you need to confirm your venue…  Suddenly you realise this isn’t so easy. I visited numerous galleries wondering, mostly they were far too large, I’d drown in their white space. There are a few community galleries about but you need to live in their locality. There are many galleries but photography??? Some are not so sure about this medium.  Do you have a group show or go solo? Decisions decisions. In the end I had two galleries who gratefully agree to show my work.

I had to wait 6 weeks between interviews and submissions before getting the thumbs up from the wonderful space called Exhibitions Gallery in Newmarket . That was a good day!

The Festival of Photography have three categories Home, Signature and Fringe. I’d been in about 4-5 Fringe group shows over the years so I applied for the Signature category. After all nothing ventured nothing gained! The weeks went by and then the Festival committee  rang to say I’d been selected…another very good day.


Smoko -2891-Edit-EditSmoko on Gillies Ave.

Now to select work, I had about 6 photos sorted out but I needed more, at least 10.

I realised too they needed to be printed beautifully, framed archivally with museum glass and  so forth. I used two printers, Evoke Studios and Print Addiction, both do top quality orienting on archival art papers.  They all needed to be black and white and taken within greater Auckland as that was the theme I had set myself.  After all the show had been given the title” Auckland Kaleidoscope”  so I couldn’t change that!  Slowly I took work into the framers  and then I’d go in and collect the work…wow!  I used The Framing Room in Parnell, Katherine was wonderful. They  looked amazing framed! I wanted to keep them all…well sort of!!  What a thrill.  I was still 2-3 images short…so I spent a couple of days driving around aimlessly looking for images of Auckland. That never works – Funnily enough they were under my nose at home on the computer, it was being analytical and backing ones own judgement that was lacking.

So these are the images dotted throughout this blog. 12 works were all framed and ready to hang! Ngaire and John from the Exhibitions Gallery have been like parents to me , advising, cajoling  and supporting me. Without their expertise  I would have been up the creek without a paddle. They run a very professional gallery and understand the medium. They allowed one couple to take a work home to view in their own space, a great a service. I’ve had group exhibitions before but the level of professionalism has been outstanding. The Auckland Festival of Photography is on all through June… enjoy the opportunity to visit many galleries. See my previous blog.


Copyright for all works is with Lynn Clayton. Prices and details from Exhibitions Gallery ph 095235560 or 021415449 – CLOSED Monday 6th June.

img_1175Parnell Pool

What at thrill  when a week out from opening the gallery mailed their data base and immediately sold two photos. I was absolutely ecstatic.

Then the opening day…nerves were plentiful as was the excitement, friends had arrived from out of town and the afternoon took for ever to tick by.


(Super Yacht sail) Pah HomesteadPah Homestead Old Newmarket Signal HouseNewmarket Railway Signal House

Suddenly I’m at the gallery, more red stickers and 80 people who braved a very chilly Auckland night to come along. MAGIC…. It was a wonderful opening. I didn’t know everyone nor speak to everyone was rather too crowded but I was so good and thrilled to see everyone. Thank You  all.

If you’re thinking of having an exhibition all I can say is do it…. It’s a wonderful experience.Northern Arena Pool Northern Arena Pool, Orewa Maungakieke in fog

I’m sharing the images here for those who cannot get into see them…you can purchase on line and pay off over three months. All work has Museum glass and archival photographic art paper and matts.


Last but not leastMan in Speedos

Man in Speedos with Rangitoto

(Taken at narrow Neck Beach )



14 thoughts on “Auckland Kaleidoscope – an exhibitors view.

  1. Wonderful Lynn! Stunning photos, and your exhibition must have been worth every worry and doubt you might have had! Congratulations! With love. Kathryn

  2. It was as much a thrill to assist as it was to see the response to your magnificent images Lynn! It’s a testament to the quality of your trade and I hope that all your fans and other photographic enthusiasts snap them all up because they deserve to be seen and admired for years to come in any of New Zealand’s homes. All the best with love from John & Ngaire

  3. Lynn you are a brilliant artist! What an eye you have! So glad you took the plunge to exhibit solo. I am proud to be your friend. Mairi

  4. Lynn you have shown here that there are still lots of wonderful original photographs that can be taken in Auckland. These images are inspirational and have challenge me to get out in this wonderful city with my camera again

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