Best Blogs 2015 – holiday reading


imageAs I reflect on 2015 I have to say it was a brilliant year. I spent time with my much-loved family, I acquired a new darling little Chinese grand-daughter, I travelled, I had time with friends, I  pushed myself photographically and I’m still here. The aches and pains become insignificant when you weigh up the good times.

Many of you are too busy to read blogs throughout the year and I understand that. However I have chosen 6 of my most popular blogs from 2015 to give you some holiday reading. A little like  short stories. Click on the blue links to be taken to directly to my blogs. Enjoy

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My first  blog is about driving myself through Alaska.IMG_4152-Edit

I was so excited when I came across two massive Bull Caribou

Another popular blog was about getting the most from your  iPhone photos and or basic photography tips. Snapseed can bring your photos alive and it’s a FREE App.Snapseed

A short blog about Coffee culture in Alaska and other things related; like trying to buy fuel!!IMG_3870 IMG_3865

And a favourite topic of mine about  Photography as an art form. I am excited to have secured   gallery space  for a small show in June 2016..more to come nearer the time.image

And one more place I visited and loved was the Hearst Castle and San Simeon  coast of California. Stunning swimming pool, see below..


And one of the guest blogs you voted the most popular was about an Auckland Photographer whose work I admire. This image below is Dunedin.


If you don’t follow my blogs please do takes a few seconds to hit the delete button if you’re not interested in the topic, but you won’t miss any either. I hope to hit the 200 followers number early  this year. I have some new interviews coming up and something about my recent trip to China… so stay tuned as they say…





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