Secrets to better photos – iPhone or SLR

IMG_4922 empire

Above: an example of Snapseed processing

I  want to share a few secrets with you today to make your iphone and or digital photos look more professional.

Snapseed is easy to use and I am going to show you some of the things this free software does. It won’t turn you into a professional but it will bring you much pleasure. So many people snap away with their phones and never bring out the best in their photos.


Two different results using Snapseed.


Notice the intensity of colour and detail from processing in HDR with Snapseed. You can use the sliders to make these less dramatic but I am trying to show you the general effect. The image has gone from fairly flat uninteresting colours to vibrant saturated colours.

fruit LMC-5393

Again a dramatic change using the “add drama” filter and selecting one of the numerous borders available.

my view


The above image is straight out of the camera. Below I have processed the image with Snapseed using  the HDR filter. See how much detail is now in the bricks and the bodies!! I also added warmth.


I use very expensive Canon cameras as well as my iphone 5s . I use free software to process both types of imagery simply because I like the effects I can get, plus I use Lightroom and Photoshop. Sometimes I take my large SLR photos into my ipad to process them. My iphone and or ipad photos I use the same Snapseed software. There are lots of free software Apps you can download. I am not going to confuse you or say this is the best one, but it is my preferred App. APPLE bestowed the title of Best iPad App of 2011 on Snapseed for iPad and they have never looked back. The photo enhancing app comes from Nik Software which is a PC friendly version, however you have to pay for Nik Software. I do use Nik software for my fine art photography such as this limited edition print titled “Parnell Pool”. A great wedding or Christmas gift  – 2 of 5 available.


Hipstamatic is a camera app available for iphone.


This photo was taken using the Hipstamatic App on my I phone, hence the border and square format. Below is the same image turned into monochrome  using Snapseed. LMC-4543-Edit


The above image has the grunge filter applied and a quirky border. A tad crazy but fun.


Above is a straight photo, below using the HDR in Snapseed I have changed the entire feel of the image.


Regardless of whether these photos are taken on your iphone or a 6 thousand dollar camera the techniques are the same. LMC-2269

Another example of changing the image from colour to monochrome with the Snapseed App. I have also used the HDR to bring out the detail in the bricks.


There is other software too that works magic on your iphone.Create fabulous panoramas using the stitching app. I prefer it to the panorama that comes with your iphone. The header photo of Tarawhanui was also taken on my iphone.


pan 2 pan 1

pan 3

Make your friends say WOW when they see your photos rather than yawn!

Special effects include drama, grunge, vintage, monochrome, frames, retrolux, vintage, film grain,  glamour glow, vignetting, spot removal etc . Plus you can crop and straighten those horizons with ease. For further info click here. There are many You Tube tutorials if you get stuck. So this summer make your photos stand out from the crowd. If you are serious about your photography by an SLR and join a camera club. there are well over 60 in New Zealand and every country seems to have them.

bear circle

The above circular frame is in the free Adobe Photoshop Express software. This software also has a great ‘noise’ removal tool because as you see below the left photo has become what we call ‘noisey’ through the sky especially. So download some apps and start being creative.

. sydneyLMC-4336r .

Have fun with your photography this summer, experiment. Try not to  over process your images as that can look  awful  ..create a balance and see the difference.  Enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Secrets to better photos – iPhone or SLR

  1. Enjoyed reading this article – love my phone and DSLR camera – lots of good tips – I use Snapseed also and will now explore some more apps. Thanks Lynn.

  2. Hi Lynn. Fantastic blog. I will certainly download snapseed. Venice is breathtaking even if covered in low fog all day. Did a walking tour with a guide yesterday into “the real Venice”. Wonderful and very exciting. Also went to Murano Glass and purchased some pretty special wine glasses. Ouch!!! Not sleeping very well. Wish you were here. Going to a classical concert tonight – not an actual opera but I am happy. It is to be held somewhere close to the church in S Marco square which U.S. 5 mins walk from our hotel. See you soon and loved your blog. Ann. Sent from my iPhone

  3. Your blogs are great Lynn and of course I loved the one on photography.
    The robot being developed for people with dementia would be great for a relative in a rest home. You can keep in touch and also check on their care.

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