Fungus Fair?


Somewhere between Anchorage but closer  to Girdwood I spotted a sign Fungus Fair! I thought the plural of fungi was fungi but maybe not??  My curiosity aroused I hung a right and drove down a gravel road and discovered the Fungus Fair in a community hall. I was welcomed to  enter and look around. This is an annual event on the Gidwood Calendar and about 40 people were milling about admiring and  discussing the plates of fungi laid out on trestle tables.  They were  all labelled carefully and some were fresh while others seemed rather dry. There is no competition, just a chance  for fungi lovers to get together. I was welcomed in  and allowed to photograph. The Chinese woman behind the desk selling t shirts etc told me there is a large Fungus Fair in California annually.

There were  craft sales and serious books for sale and a local art gallery also featured some stained glass and wooden fungi in various shapes. A celebration to follow which sounded interesting for sure Mushrooms & Martinis…but I won’t be attending that little soirée.!imageimageimageimageimage

They had quilts, T-shirts and all in all were a serious group of Fungus lovers… A little obscure story from Alaska!!imageimage imageimage

Anyone hungry!!! I guess not.image


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