“Wild Thoughts”

I’m doing a Blogging 201 course  so I’m going to write a weekly blog on anything in my head – watch this space.seal_v2-03

This weeks blog – “Wild Thoughts”

Blogging requires continuity of thought and a little courage. Courage because we open ourselves up to ridicule from our peers, or disapproval. However quite often I have been delighted at the response from people who I didn’t even realise read my blogs and from friends. This is so encouraging. Sometimes I receive emails from people I don’t even know thanking me for sharing my point of view. Funny really because I don’t know much. I know how to be positive, loving, friendly, finickity, passive and a few more adjectives I’m sure.  Did you know you can always comment on my blogs, your chance to have a say. The words in blue are usually links so double-click and they take you to a website. The reward of helping someone else feel good is why I write blogs. It might be some tiny thing or it might be deep and meaningful. It might make you grate your teeth 🙂 whatever. LMC-8717

Devices and Suchlike.

My iPad and I are great friends.

I play Words with Friends most days, (its scrabble on the iPad) I love it…. You can play Bridge, Suduko, Angry Birds, Luminosity, Patience and 100s of other games to keep your brain alive, all for free. You can play  Words with Friends solo against the computer or with a friend.


There are many classes to learn how to use your iPad or iPhone, Samsung whatever – often at your local library.The camera on the new iPhone 6 plus is amazing, and even my old 5S is good. But you need to learn how to use the software to make your photos look good. App’s like Snapseed and Photoshop are easy to use. So if you’re still without a device in your life you’re missing out. Seriously.


*Visiolibriphobia: Fear of Facebook

(don’t you love these words?)  from the blog of Afshan Jafar  “*As far as I know this term doesn’t actually exist. I simply put together the Latin words for face and book to coin Visiolibriphobia. You could use Greek instead to come up with Prosopobibliophobia.”

I have friends who hate Facebook, I enjoy it, I learn so much and cannot imagine not having it in my life now I am used to it. Never put anything on their you don’t want in the public domain and it won’t bite you. Not your age, (they ask for your age which is fine, but you  click the box that says only you can see this info) address, marital status unless you want to and so forth. As a photographer there are many great groups on Facebook where we share imagery. I get a great deal of pleasure from these groups. I’m sure it’s the same for gardeners and so forth. People often say “how did you know that was happening”? I say “because it was on Facebook” …. If you have a favourite shop and they have a Facebook page and you click on the like button your news feed will tell you when they have a sale or new product range. Get brave and join the millions who enjoy what Facebook can offer you. Just be sensible!!

Why are people so afraid?? It’s beyond me. I’ve heard every excuse imaginable but none of them make sense to me.  Some think blogs are to do with Facebook…hello where did that idea come from? Some think Instagram is Facebook. Instagram is like Flickr’ they are a photo sharing app. (apps means applications you download) nothing to do with Facebook.


And Twitter..why would you??? Well I often check Twitter first to find out what is happening in the world..the fastest news service I’ve come across!  The times are changing and social media is here to stay. If you’re over 60 and are scared of it don’t be…be smart about it, but don’t be afraid of it. I have friends in their eighties retired professional people who enjoy Facebook. Don’t wear blinkers dabble your toe in the water…  You only accept requests from friends you know and trust..that is why the ignore button is there..ignore others you don’t know.  You don’t need to post anything, initially, just observe.  When your friends post  something it is polite to click on Like so they know you’ve seen it. If you’re really moved you can make a comment, but never say anything you wouldn’t say to their face.  You can use emoji to ensure they know you are smiling…. 😍  Once you have friends on Facebook you can message them free from anywhere in the world free if you’re on wi-fi. Quite often it is your family so that can be quite cost-effective.:)

 LinkedIn is another Social media outfit…seems to me to serve no real purpose unless you are an active business person. But I have to admit I don’t really understand it.

Whatever you decide ..eyes wide open and let commonsense rule you!!

That is my “Wild thoughts” for the week.



3 thoughts on ““Wild Thoughts”

  1. I enjoyed that, and especially like your new word. Now I just need to upgrade computer 🙂 The i phone stays off line, cost issues.

  2. Well done Lynn – I will have to study all this and continue learning! We have farewelled our cuzzies this morning – very quiet – had a fabulous time here and flew to Inle Lake and our driver came and drove us all over the mountain to Bagan – wonderful

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