My Observations on America.


Manhattan at Sunset

I must confess I love America and Americans. One cannot making sweeping statements about America, it is like 5 or 6 different countries rolled into one. People who make these statements are totally ignorant I have to say! East is different from the South and both are different from the North  or West- then there is Hawaii and Alaska! Where else in the world do you find supermarkets called Piggly Wiggly… seriously!

20040417-savannah #30006

Supermarket with the greatest name ever! 

From my perspective and I have not seen it all. Christmas is a wonderful time to visit New York but rather cold to do the Grand Canyon .I get annoyed when people say they hate America and the only place they have visited is LAX International Airport!  (until recently one of the worst terminals on the planet) Recently a doctor friend of mine told me he had never wanted to visit the USA, suddenly his daughter heads of to study there and so he visited and fell in love with the place!! He has been twice in 12 months. So many people have no idea what an amazing and beautiful country awaits them. I lived there as a 22 year old, I have visited about 20 times in the past 15 years and I plan to return many more times. Yes partly because I have a son there but also because it such a great destination. Great skiing, amazing shopping, golf courses to die for ( I almost wished I played) , The US Open, the New York Marathon and so many great events to make this a bucket list favourite.


New Yorkers are busy, use public transport extensively, they love the New York Yankees winning or loosing,  travel out interstate,they  love good food (street stalls selling pretzels and burnt chestnutsare debataebale as good food!) and they love good coffee, they support and love the Arts.

20051223-IMG_7639-EditNew York Skyscraper


Then there is California…casual, informal, sun loving, political and a touch of  ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it‘ attitude. Money talks and earthquakes are seldom mentioned! They too love their sport. ‘The Giants’ are their Gods!


The Getty – Los Angeles


Los Angeles Architecture by Frank Gehry


Death Valley California


Joshua Tree, California 20051210-CRW_7389-Edit

Rock Formations in California

In The South they drive everywhere, travel less, pray more, no coffee culture, they like the refined things in life, high tea, fine china, traditions and it is a place where little girls wear smocked dresses and large hair bows and little boys say ‘yes Mam or yes Sir’.They love fishing, hunting and shooting and of course baseball !


The Appelachians in the Fall


A large hair bow on a sweet young girl.


High tea with Cup Cakes


Stately home  ‘Mocking Bird Hill‘ in Marietta, Georgia.

This home is always painted either pink or gray, see link above for more detail.


The Minehaha Falls in Georgia.


Many parts of America have beautiful Autumn or Fall colours.

I am about to visit Alaska and I expect it to be different again! Hawaii is as we all know fun loving, great surf, great golf, numerous shops and great food, touristy with a capital T.

20110101-LMC-2437St Louis in the Mid West still has ‘Coaching’, America is a land of surprises.

I’ve blogged about Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, Family visits to Georgia, and  California’s Hearst Castle and coastline. I did a blog on San Francisco too, but none of those explain the diversity and magic of visiting.  One other blog too on taking children beyond Disneyland, checkout the blog links in blue. The Grand Canyon is spectacular by any ones standards…a joy to visit and nearby is the crazy but entertaining city of Las Vegas. Architecture to die for, shows like “O”, cars, food and fashion to inspire you. Then there are the National Parks: spectacular:  Arches, Yosemite, Monument Valley, Yellowstone, Death Valley etc.



Vegas Fountain detail


From Vegas to Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon.20091112-IMG_7689-Edit20091109-_MG_9531


Antelope Canyon

Recently  I was in upstate Georgia, beautiful forests, lakes and waterfalls. Stunning homes and an area well worth a visit especially to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I can’t tell you all the exciting corners of the USA, I haven’t been to them all, but I know you won’t be disappointed if you go stateside for a vacation.(I don’t mean Disneyland either).

Most cities have world class fine dining restaurants, but don’t overlook the Beef ribs, the shrimps and the wonderful wine and cheese. Napa Valley is waiting to show off its wines to you and Philadelphia and the Amish produce some great cheese. Introduce yourself to smokey flavours, beans prepared so many different ways, pulled pork or beef, hot dogs and of course burgers. They have great Ice cream too, try the Moose Tracks sometime!

American menus often have a health guide next to menu items. I like this idea… Low calorie/ gluten free or hot n spicy very helpful.

Very few American homes have heated towel  rails. This is because they heat their homes more than we do in winter. Many run their homes at a year round temperature of 73F or 23C – Underfloor heating is common. Consequently you need to layer as inside is like Summer when it’s snowing outside.  Is electricity cheaper there?  It must be!

I also notice very few bathrooms have showers on hoses, they have one rose shower heads. I prefer the option of a detachable shower head !  Interesting how cultures differ often on the small things! And yes it is true the water runs out the plug hole anti clockwise! Hurricanes rotate the opposite way in the Northern Hemisphere  too.


Arizona has a charm of it’s own


The American people I meet through contacts are fabulous, genuine, generous, interesting people. The American people I meet on the airlines are a mixture but mostly they are stressed, doeur , loud, unfriendly and unhelpful. Don’t judge a country by it’s airline staff I say!!

I figure there must be a reason for this and that is the way American Airlines are structured. Every flight is oversold, every other passenger is demanding, they have not even a second of downtime during their working day and frankly they don’t enjoy what they do. I have no idea how to solve it, I suspect the airlines don’t want to solve it.  Sad really.

So when travelling book the most expensive class ticket your budget runs too, get to the airport early and relax…it will take time! However the last few times I have got through customs in 20 minutes at LAX😀But more importantly just go… you will love it. Consider some train travel for a relaxing journey.


Train from Manhattan to Philadelphia


14 thoughts on “My Observations on America.

  1. Great blog Lynn!

    Did you know that those stainless steel panels on the Disney Concert Hall are all held in place with 3M tape?



  2. Very nice post, Lynn, and as a native New Yorker, I couldn’t disagree with any of what you write. I’ve travelled extensively throughout the US – there are only 6 or 7 states I have not been to – and I’ve had good times pretty much everywhere. (Except Arkansas – I was camping there and a green fly crawled in my ear and laid eggs – a grotesquely horrible and painful experience – and I’ve never gone back!)
    In my experience, the folks who have negative things to say about the US are not disparaging the beauty of the landscape, menu options or local attractions and festivals. In the 20+ years I’ve lived in New Zealand, I can tell you the reason people who dislike the US do because of American foreign policies – its endless wars and occupations, interference with other countries’ politics, exploitation of developing countries, etc, etc… I left because I didn’t want to raise my children in a gun-toting violent society, where women still do not have equal rights as men, racism is rampant and despite its astronomical wealth – the poverty is incomprehensibly vast. Occasionally I run into folks who feel the need to take their loathing of the US out on individual Americans, and start berating me for the things they hate most – exceptionally rude behaviour that really is unforgivable – I’d say it’s happened maybe 5-6 times – which would account for probably .001% of the people I’ve run into in the last 20 years. They are all memorable though, as horrid experiences tend to be.
    NZ is definitely home now. I still love to visit the US – especially to shop – prices there are best in the world. There are millions of great people there, great restaurants, things to do and see. But seeing the US as a visitor is just one way of seeing it – almost always seeing the best of it in the best light. I also love visiting Malaysia and China – wouldn’t dream of moving to either of them either. Though if I had to choose – yeah, I’d be in a nice flat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a heartbeat!

    • I love it when people respond to my blogs. Thank you. I’ll avoid Arkansas!! I hear you re the politics, I avoid discussing most of the time, although I do have staunch democratic and Republican friends… Makes dinner conversations interesting.

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