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My favourite I finally managed to download from the internet.



We are being asked to consider changing our flag in New Zealand. A very emotive subject and a tad risqué to the encumbent Prime Minister perhaps. Anyway I searched a few designs that are being considered.. I have no idea if these are final Government choices or not.It would be good to have a design that showed we were not Australians on first glance!

The Returned Services Association is questioning why the Government is so determined to replace the New Zealand flag saying ‘no one is protesting in the streets. I think we are by and large quite apathetic and don’t feel strongly or we surely would be protesting in the streets. In America everyone flies flags, it is wonderful. I wish we were more patriotic. A pride in your flag is something special. We are improving slowly, especially when there is a major sporting  fixture happening. However few people fly flags on their properties, I wonder why? Some schools don’t fly flags. In Newmarket,  where I live, we used to have three flags flying however these too have disappeared in the past year 😦 Retailers don’t seem to have the cash, not even Westfield!!

Anyway just for fun; please tell us your favourite design in the reply box  from this selection I found on line. I numbered them 0 to 5 to make it easy. And please comment if you want to retain the current flag or not. I am happy to see change however I would like it to retain something of our past 100 or so years.  I like the first two designs… and would not be adverse to either.The silver fern on the black could be a little larger so when it blows in the wind we still can see what it is! I personally do not like the green colour being introduced.

Here is the referendum bill detail. The formal flag design suggestion process will start in early May and close in mid July 2015, with flag design guidelines and requirements published online at




black flag


image 4/ image  5/



16 thoughts on “Are you talking flags –

  1. This is not my Country…but in choosing to change, or choosing one of the new designs, I would want to know what the symbolism of each portrayed. Then I would like comments on the symbolism….Best Wishes for making the choice that is BEST for your Country!

    • Prayyior, most of us understand so I didn’t go into detail. We have always had a flag very similar to Australia, ours has 4 stars there’s five. And a slight design change. Always confused everyone., Also the Union Jack which is the Same as every country in the British Commonwealth had when we were young countries dependent on Britain. A century plus on we are an independent nation.
      So they want to change our identity. Black is the colour all our sporting teams wear, the famous All Black Rugby team etc. They wear a silver fern on their chests with pride and everyone loves this emblem.
      Hence the new designs retain a little of the old and a little of the current popular thinking. Canada made a successful change..I hope we can too.
      I hope this gives some basic background.

  2. TBH I really can’t get passionate about the flag – whatever people like is fine with me – except maybe #3. Not sure a national emblem should be surrealist and I think that would invite a fair bit of mockery. It does surprise me though how some people are shocked and horrified at the idea of changing it – how our fighting men died for that flag. (I don’t think that is true at all – they died to defend our freedoms and way of life – or because they got drafted into someone’s vanity war and lost their life…)

    Interesting take on US ‘patriotism’ though… Having been raised there and immersed in the non-stop propaganda that is American patriotism I find it at best annoying and at worst – ignorant and dangerous. The relentless message that ‘we are better than everyone else, we are the greatest country on earth – and they are all jealous of us’ is absolutely pervasive (and got stronger and more persistent). The daily Pledge of Allegiance required of all schoolchildren is a prayer to a piece of cloth that has taken the flag from national symbol to sacred object worth killing and dying for…

    I think New Zealand and most other countries in the world have a much saner attitude toward their flag – it’s a national symbol, an icon that identifies NZ in an international context. Wave it proudly and then just get on with it. The merit, honour and spirit of a country has absolutely nothing to do with the design of its flag. Pick something and let’s get on with it!

    • Delighted at your perspective, moderation seems an essential requirement to me and maybe some parts of the USA have lost this…however somewhere between their patriotism and ours might be a happier place 🙂 “they died to defend our freedoms and way of life” is more to the point. Lest We Forget.

  3. I think I like 0/ best as it has the Silver Fern as well as the Southern Cross & the blue & black look better that the blue & red, or any other colours!!

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