Songs of the Heart

Another Writing 101  Blog:  Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?


Oh goodness, 3 songs.. I can never remember words of songs.. I just know that I love these songs, quite varied in styles probably because I  have a broad appreciation rather than an educated musical appreciation!  I love many other pieces of music too of course.

“Nessun Dorma” came  to mind first. Opera, and yet I am not a big opera fan. I do attend the Opera every 2-3 years… Carmen, and similarly light shows. I have been to three Outdoor Operas in Sydney – fantastic experiences.   I’m no highbrow music fan either. Nessun Dorma was both my mother in law and my late husbands favourite piece of music. Since my husband died I now seem to relate strongly to this piece of music more than ever. It must be the association of happy times. He used to play this  Opera at full volume on a Saturday and then head outside to wash the windows… funny eh?  He taught me to love classical music and we shared many evenings at concerts.

I never learnt to read music, I think it should be compulsory at some stage of a child’s education, anyway I certainly learnt to love it.  Consequently Nessun Dorma means a great deal to me to the extent I have suggested it be played at my funeral along with something lighter that I also love. Have you considered writing a list of your favourite music, it will help your family one day!

My second choice, “Diamonds on the Sole of my Feet”. Paul Simon had a huge hit with this whimsical  song in the seventies. I recall summers on our yacht sailing up the coast of New Zealand with this song belting out on the stereo. I also remember beautiful summer evenings anchored in pristine little bays playing this hit song and allowing the words to drift across the water. These were wonderful years when we had teenagers, I’m sure they bought the track initially, a CD no doubt. Whenever I hear this on the car radio I find myself filling with emotion and reliving great memories.

My third song is from the  musical “Aspects of Love”.  “Love Changes Everything”, an Andrew Lloyd Webber hit in the late eighties. I attended this live stage show in London with my husband. I used to play this song over and over in the car when driving the 3 hour trip to visit my parents; often on my own. It used to bring tears to my eyes and yet I  still wanted to play it repeatedly. I saw the Stage Show with my husband and at the time we both loved the music and yet the show wasn’t a huge hit compared to Les Miserable. I’ve often wondered why this music gets into my psyche so much, but the answer isn’t clear so I just enjoy. It tells a very complicated story of love and jealousy, fame and everything that goes with it.

Having been prompted to write this blog I have decided to put the CD of Aspects of Love into my car CD selection once again. Thankyou writing 101 for the prompt.

I would love readers to comment with their three favourite pieces of music?? It isn’t easy.




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