Stream of consciousness – Dreams are free


Just to explain something – I’m participating in a blog writing course and we have to blog every day..however I won’t publish them all, so don’t panic, your email box won’t be overflowing.


I’m prone to bronchitis and as I am aging the bronchitis seems to catch up with me very easily. I know why I am making bronchitis such a welcome visitor and I know  how to chase it away, sometimes I know how to even prevent it. It all has to do with air conditioning on planes. If I fly Internationally, which living in New Zealand is not uncommon, I take preventative anti-biotics. These little pills usually keep me in good health. Problem solved.  Or is it?? Last week I flew 1 hour to Wellington and then just under 2 hours to Dunedin, small hops within our own country, not even a need for a passport, just a hop skip and a jump so I thought. I thought too, and wrongly that I didn’t need anti-biotics for this short trip. Three days after the flight Mr Bronchitis came knocking at my door and despite trying I could not hold him out! So here I am with bronchitis, the sun is shining, the temperatures are summery and someone is following me around coughing as though they are about to croak it! In between coughing I feel fine; I managed a movie, dinner out and coffee with friends. I even went for a pleasurable walk. Tomorrow I might turn up at my aqua aerobics class and I’ll take Mr Bronchitis with me. Perhaps I can drown him in the pool? Now that’s a thought with a lot of appeal.



My  respiratory specialist tells me people “my age” ( don’t you love it) are developing these respiratory problems late in life they think due to bad parenting. Well they didn’t exactly say that! They asked these questions. Did your parents smoke – the answer was yes my father smoked. Did he smoke in the house?  Yes, he smoked in the house (roll your owns I recall) Did he smoke in the car? Yes, he smoked in the car. The specialist almost smiled as he said  “there, while you were developing your little body, you received smoke damage to your respiratory canals and one is very narrow.” (How many do we have) maybe those aren’t his exact words however the message was clear. I have a deformed respiratory system from  65 plus years ago. Was I angry, no not really, back then our parents hadn’t been exposed to the ills of cigarette smoke so I don’t blame  my father too much. After all they are the generation that lived through the depression and the wars, so the odd cigarette was perhaps a deserved pleasure; we know pleasure was not a daily occurrence in their lives back then. My father stopped smoking in their forties I think. I too smoked for ten years but the lovely specialist said that wasn’t the cause. I didnt need to punish myself over it. Phew!

So now I have my flu shot, my pneumonia shot and my antiobiotics at the ready.. if cancer doesn’t get me first I guess I’ll succumb to pneumonnia..heaven help us!

The good news is that Air New Zealand have new planes called the Dreamliners with improved air quality. Oh yes the lovely specialist man also told me that airlines reduced the moisture content in the planes air supply to make it lighter and consequently weigh less and save fuel. Maybe I should only fly on routes with Dreamliner jets but currently who wants to go to Perth, an 8 hour trip to the other side of Australia? I mean it’s a lovely city but I know no one there and I have been there twice already. So I am dreaming of Dreamliners on all flight routes before I age too much. as the saying goes Dreams are free!


5 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness – Dreams are free

  1. Well finally a diagnosis (of sorts) at least you know what you have to do before ALL trips big or small how frustrating. We are probably all in the same boat re absorbing Second hand smoke as children, ticking time bombs…

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