Sydney challenges.

I’ve lived long enough and travelled enough to know parking spaces are no joy ride! Parking buildings have tight narrow ramps and sharp corners. Parking lots can have row after row of cars for mile on mile. I’ve been  lost before; years ago in a car park at Disneyland in California, so I know the pitfalls.
Now days I am wiser to the parking dilemma.  Or am I??  I often photograph the carpark and number so I won’t lose my car…it has been helpful on many an occasion. imageSo why did car parking become a nightmare for me recently? I drove to Bondi Junction shopping centre, early in the morning so I found a park easily. P3 Q4 Green. What could be simpler! I had the photo safely in my phone. So I headed to the supermarket  and bought a few supplies and then headed back to P3 green level….

I walked and walked looking for Q 4 any Q would have been exciting. .I found A,B, J!K!M!N!O! but no Q. I asked a few women who shook their heads politely in a negative fashion. I searched for a map or a help phone all to no avail! If you are going to have a heart attack don’t do it here as there is no way you can call for help!! Anyway I didn’t have a heart attack, I just had a meltdown. Finally I spied a little old lady with a Myers store manager helping her to her car. I took my chance and stopped them, I mean I’d been 15 minutes searching for Q4 – they were both so sweet as I fought back the tears!! So once he helped the little old lady this charming young man turned his attention to moi. After 12 more minutes he finally found Q and there was the car waiting patiently for me. Interestingly he struggled to find Q, so I did feel better. No wonder I had trouble. By now my confidence is shattered and I’m never returning to Westfield at Bondi Junction, the tears have turned to laughing at myself and anger at the lack of signage and assistance. I did phone Westfield  who admitted I wasn’t the first person to have a problem and she would pass it on- yeah right!!
Other “New” Australians tell me you get used to it…. Really?? The city roads have appalling signage too, Auckland is bad but!!!
Being a tourist in Sydney is one thing, living the suburban life is far more difficult. Parking is as scarce as hens teeth, permits are often required so when you do see a space read the cryptic signs very carefully.  Better still use public transport. That too can be tricky for the uninitiated. I jumped on a bus in Circular Quay and said to the driver ‘ how much to Bondi Junction?’ He looked at me and said ‘lady you need a ticket!’  I said ‘where do I get a ticket?’  ‘He said just sit down lady as he gesticulated to me to be seated, turned out it was a prepay bus only but he let me travel for free☺️☺️.How was I supposed to know!
So if your life is dull head to Sydney for adventures with a difference!! Jokes aside I love just happens to be challenging me- until next time keep smiling😀😀


3 thoughts on “Sydney challenges.

  1. You did well – I am sure we have all lost our cars in parking buildings at some time!! And the parking signs in the streets can be a puzzle to those FOB

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