Christmas shopping ideas –

Christmas shopping demands some lateral thinking these days. I have drawn a short list of ideas for those who are struggling to decide what to buy.  Let’s face it soxs don’t cut it anymore!! Many of these products are sold everywhere in NZ but not all. (Blue word are links)

So in no particular order a few fun and funky ideas.

Some for men, some for “me” and some for children!

Cute video –   click on this  link to give yourself the warm fuzzies … 🙂


The Apple TV BOX /device that’s currently available is a small black box (measuring 0.9 inches high by 3.9 inches wide and 3.9 inches deep) that connects to your HD television set or home theatre system using an HDMI cable. (cable extra) It will not work with older television sets that lack an HDMI port. At the same time, the Apple TV device is connected to your television or home theatre system (including your stereo surround sound speakers), and it must also be connected to the Internet. Great for viewing your photographs too.

Your son will love you for this.$149.00 at Dick Smith’s or less if you get there quickly.

apple-tvFrom Alfresco in Parnell, genuine Panama Hats and these sell out every summer.


ICEBREAKER is a favourite store, probably because my rellies grow merino sheep and sell it to Icebreaker. I’ve owned Icebreaker for 15 years and it never wears out!! large (3)



This store is a treasure trove 🙂 :):)




IMG_2066Another cool Newmarket store Isabel Harris catering for the man in your life.





The Laguiole knife is a high-quality traditional  item originally produced in the town of Laguiole in the Aveyron region of southern France.

The word laguiole is a generic term, not legally restricted to any one company or place of manufacture. Such knives are produced by a number of unrelated companies in southern France, with some 70% of production coming from Thiers, a long-established centre of the cutlery industry. Briscoes have a great selection as do many other stores.



Sometimes this is better than a heap of short lived  toys-

These sort of presents create memories that are long lasting – I saw this show last year and it was inspirational and brilliant. Give a family ticket for the 2015 show. Adults $38  Under 14 $12 Call Ticketek.

Group F from France at the Auckland Domain part of the Auckland Arts Festival.

IMG_2080A Wow show for your entire family 


Soda Stream  – Shop around prices vary-IMG_2078

These new machines make wonderful sparking water, how cool is that? I recently gave one to my daughter in law  and they use it every day ! You can even make Tonic water for the G & T brigade.


Family Photographs – give a voucher. 

w LMC-7574-Edit-Edit

4 Generations by Lynn Clayton Photography

I know many great photographers and cannot possible list them all here. The gift of a family photograph lasts for generations. An Auckland friend specialising in new baby and beautiful natural child photography is Moira Blincoe Photography, contact to purchase a voucher or call your favourite photographer.
“ME” presents  for people like ‘me’.

SAISON: A Year at The French Cafe 


The second cookbook –
by Simon Wright 

Featuring 320 pages of the restaurant and our cuisine throughout the seasons, the cookbook features beautiful photography andmore than 80 of their very own unique  recipes. Few if any NZ restaurants can boast these sort of ratings. I’ve dined here twice now in their Private Dining Room and it is an absolute treat.This book is an art book, a coffee table book, a book to be valued and read over and over.


#1 in New Zealand  #1 in the South Pacific #4 in the World



ELEPHANT table mats made by Jasons. (from Briscoes and many stores) I bought these for me!

$39.99  set of 6 and 2x large centre mats $24.99


Another little item from Icebreaker for the young fitness guru.

large (1)


Jewellery –



This pendant with a Kina flavour appealed. They do rings and earings too from Carats.



for the small lady on your list – boyswear too from Icebreaker.Tough all year round clothing.largeMore For Little People

I love the Janod brand – wooden toys, wall decals, cute puzzles &educational toys. One of my favourite stores sells Janod, HYPHEN on Broadway, plus cute cute children wear 🙂 Grandparents this is a fun little store.


wall decal by JANOD





Wooden bikes by Janod





Trunki is another cool item for small people with mobile parents.









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