Guest Photographer – inspirational aerials.

GUEST Photographer Tony Hewitt –

Tony Hewitt has taken several photos recently that inspire me and I want to share his work with you. Tony took these images recently at Broome or in Western Australia.  They really capture the ethereal side of the vast western coastal region.

Tony is a ‘Grand Master of Photography’ of the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He is an Honorary Fellow of the AIPP and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, which really just means he is a fantastically talented photographer whose work is unequalled. Photography is about seeing and using the light, Tony is a master of these skills and his aerial angles are spectacular.


Buy yourself a unique piece of art, photography makes great wedding and 21st gifts that are totally unique, far more exciting than a couple of Egyptian cotton towels! Think about choosing fine art limited edition photos as gifts…I think the recipient will love you for it. for all inquiries.

All this work is copyrighted to Tony Hewitt so permission is required to use them.:)


THEWITT (c) Shark Bay Blue Lagoon 1350pxTHEWITT (c) Shark Bay Ebb n Flow 1350pxTHEWITT (c) Shark Bay Red Coast 1350px1911846_10152349259935841_4741509439613289978_nPlenty more of Tony’s work on his website. (Click on word website!)


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