Sydney Food fad

Sydney Flavours
Smashed Avocado is served for breakfast brunch and lunch in many Sydney restaurants/cafes. Eugenes in Bronte make their Avo smash with Bulgarian Feta and mint…delicious.
Top Hat Cafe in Clovelly also does a great Avocado smash.. and their coffee is pretty dam good too!
FullSizeRender avocado
In Auckland The Foundation have a variation of this dish but it’s not as good!
Please tell me if you know anyone who serves this delicious food somewhere near you-
Avocados cost almost $5-00 each in Sydney, so we are lucky in NZ as I can buy a bagful for $5.00 here.
Avocado smash is simple to do at home..


Mash soft avocado with feta and a squish of lime serve on five grain or sourdough toast. Optional serve a quail egg poached on top or a fresh farm egg… Alternatively chop in a little crispy bacon.
Salt and pepper of course if you usually use these seasonings my favourite is a salt I buy at the Takapuna flea market on a Sunday morning. The range of BBQ seasonings is extensive , my fave is a mixture of “coriander seeds, black pepper, salt, fennel, mustard, cumin onion capsicum turmeric and sugar” …so it is easier to buy it ready made from the supplier, Shadie Stables Pukekohe ph 092388275, you won’t be disappointed.😀
Happy eating..


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