Travelling etiquette

Travelling Etiquette  

Is there such a thing as traveling ethics? I suspect not…but perhaps there should be…. How many times do we get annoyed by other travelers behaviour?

It all comes back to consideration for ones fellow travelers. Consideration for others goes a long way in life, and in particular in public places.


Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

During Domestic and International flights we all should consider our fellow travellers. A few considerations makes everyone’s lengthy ‘plane’ time easier to deal with.

Boarding the flight with massive cabin luggage is inconsiderate, think about it, if we all took massive bags they wouln’t fit in.  I blame the airlines for allowing such big pieces.   In the USA Delta charge $US25 a piece to check a bag…outrageous really. Reduce that cost and half the cabin bag chaos would vanish!

On long flights such as 12 hours to America or 8 hours to Singapore from New Zealand the airlines do control cabin luggage..wonderful.. There is easily room for all our cabin bags.

Flying across the USA brings out the worst in people. They push and shove to squash themselves and their luggage into small spaces. The Italians too… it can be quite comical to watch.

Now you are all on board and seated meals are duly served. On many airlines when you have completed your meal it is not OK to thrust your seat back to the sleep position… The person behind you may still be eating and the wine goes every which way, or the coffee!  Wait until the trays have all been collected -PLEASE – it’s a simple thing to do and you won’t miss more than 15 minutes of snooze time… It’s called being considerate….

Don’t let children kick the back of the seat in front of them either, Its inconsiderate.

Men – please Keep voices low;  raucous loud laughter and bad language do not have a place on an aeroplane…. By all means enjoy a few drinks but remember altitude makes you intoxicated quicker and no one wants a loud drunk sitting near them – Be considerate.

When you first sit Introduce yourself to the person next to you… Even just ‘hello’. On long flights especially, I like to know who I am sleeping with!! And they may even help pass the time with intelligent conversation… If there is an emergency they might help save your life!!! At worst you have been polite.

Don’t pass flatulence ; go to the bathroom rather than effect the six people sitting near to you… We had the steward come through and spray our space due to some ignorant individual recently; so be considerate to your fellow passengers. Men are the worst at this! And on that note aim carefully, visiting the cubicles after a man has sprayed the walls, toilet seat and floors is horrible…be considerate to the next person….you are not at home now! Empty the basin and leave the place tidy and dry!!!

When disembarking don’t shove past people even if you have a tight connection,that is what the words ‘excuse me‘ are for.   Exit row by row…it works well and is quick when people heed to it.

So next time you are flying remember one thing…be considerate to your fellow passengers and have a fun trip, you might even meet someone very interesting.

I’d like to add that at the luggage turnstile if everyone stands behind the red line everyone can see their luggage as it approaches. As soon as people stand up close to the conveyor  belt no one can see………..  try it sometime, it works!!

Despite all those comments I actually enjoy flying.. I make the most of the time, watching movies, reading, sleeping and eating. Happy Travelling.


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