Blogging – My new venture.

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I decided a few months ago to create a blog..I’ve been to classess and paid my money and now I am confronted with a blank page and a blank mind!! Oh dear!!

I hope you will enjoy my articles, my comments and  thoughts; several of you are very encouraging already, so thankyou. Feel free to forward to any one else who may also enjoy.

I had a stark wake up call recently watching a 93 year old doing hip hop in the movie Hip HopEration. There must be something strong in the drinking water on Waiheke Island where these older souls live. The movie is their story as they struggle to raise money for a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Hip Hop  World Champs. No wonder property prices have sky rocketed on Waiheke, everyone wants the ‘good life’ 🙂 If you are feeling lethargic try and see this movie, enjoy snippets from their well lived lives and tap your feet to the music.

Recently I travelled to Turkey and the UK so I will share some of my journey in the next few weeks. Food, jewelley, places, art and so forth.  I have added my older travel stories for those who missed them or want to re read the travel tips. Going to San Francisco? Tips on how to get around the hilly city and where not to eat!

I plan to share a few great photographers work, my own Photographic work, travel tips, restaurant reviews, the odd book, movie chat, and anything else I feel is topical. Check out the categories .

BOOKS, TRAVEL, MOVIES, FOOD, PHOTOGRAPHY. Just click to see the content.

Eventually when I get the hang of this blogging I will add some excitement.. or retire! If you subscribe I will be flattered, if you don’t that is OK too. Our “in” boxes are fairly full most days so I hope to become a blog that makes you smile.

I had a birthday recently and took the opportunity to gather together 11 diverse friends; I  feel so honoured to know so many talented and supportive friends. As we get older life can throw a few curlies our way and family and friends are the glue that holds us together. Don’t be afraid to share your problems, often your friends are having the same issues. My husband always said a problem shared is a problem halved. I believe there is much truth in this saying. Dont be lonely or afraid; don’t be too tough on yourselves when you make mistakes or forget where you parked the car! Your friends are doing the same thing – honestly! Share your anxieties and laugh at yourself.
This photo of myself was a spur of the moment fun thing to do. I was in the Cistern Basillica in Istanbul, 100 feet underground and this photo op was available.. so I dressed up in this amazing Ottoman Empire regalia and  posted this on Facebook much to the amusement of many of my friends! I made them all laugh. The Queen of Sheba I am not!! I hope you laugh too.


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